Nuevo ¡Oferta! COSTA BLANCA 2019 - BIB SHORTS


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Bib-shorts with coloured mesh braces, GITevo chamois and grip at the bottom of the leg.

Made with COSTA BLANCA design, they're perfect to complete your look with the other garments of the special dedicated line.

The innovative GITevo chamois, made in antibacterial fiber and with a Twist Gel core able to always get back at the original shape even after long hours on the saddle, is perfect to give you the comfort you are looking for when you're riding, as well as protecting the most sensitive parts and let you concentrate fully on your performance over long distances, With silicone grip at the bottom of the leg to keep the shorts in perfect position while pedaling, this bib-shorts are characterized by the raw cut on the leg. Made in Italy.